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SHARE is your all-in-one solution as a Canadian investor seeking real estate opportunities in the U.S.

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Why Invest Across The Border?

"Downpayment for an average home in a

high-rental demand area in Canada could easily be enough for 2 or 3 homes in the U.S."

Andrew Kim, CEO & Co-Founder of SHARE

Number 1

Diversify your portfolio in high-yield rental markets at affordable purchase prices.

Number 2

You can build your Canadian equity and credit while investing in the U.S.

Number 3

There are more financing options, tax benefits, and landlord-friendly laws in the U.S.

Number 4

Get ahead of the market. Wall Street will own 40% of all U.S. single-family rental properties by 2030.

Be a landlord without any landlord duties.

SHARE Benefits

The first platform to offer end-to-end services to Canadians that want to own US single-family rental properties completely remotely.

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Cross-border investing logistics and support

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Top-tier property management

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Experienced asset management

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Centralized reporting

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Annual tax support & preparation

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Thorough underwriting

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Ongoing market research & analysis

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Each home has a detailed view of the property characteristics estimated returns, and purchase diligence.

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What Other Canadians

Are Saying

Using SHARE to purchase a rental property was quick & effortless. I’ve always wanted to invest in real estate but the time commitment to source quality properties in the right markets was always a challenge. SHARE solved this for me and made the entire process very easy and allowed me to invest in real estate without the hassle of being a landlord.

Karthik N.

Head of Analytics

Toronto, Ontario

I purchased my first rental property with SHARE during my university internship. It was quick, easy, and I’m loving the monthly cash flow! My roommate & I purchased a second property after I graduated and SHARE is now helping me with a mortgage to purchase a Texas rental.

Matthew D.

Mechatronic Engineer

London, Ontario

Investing in real estate to secure our future financially has always been a goal of mine, but my limited knowledge of the industry placed me in a vulnerable position and at a disadvantage. I found SHARE to be user friendly, transparent and organized. My experience has definitely been a positive one. SHARE is now in the process of helping me refinance to purchase additional properties. If you don't know where to start building your future wealth, this is a good place to start.

Jennifer C.S.

RPN, Newborn Care Specialist

Toronto, Ontario


Backed by investors and advisors who have worked and invested in some of the most notable financial and real estate companies in the world, SHARE is a team of real estate professionals with decades of experience in acquisitions and institutional-grade asset management, with expertise in every step of the investing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the buying process on SHARE?

Search: We connect with you to understand your investment goals

Reserve: We’ll present multiple options and conduct diligence (5-7 days) on properties of interest.

Pay balance: Once you find a property that meets your criteria, we’ll work with you to close in <45 days.

What are the fees I should be aware of?

  • We charge the greater of 3% of the listed price or $7,500 as the buying fee at the time of close.
  • We collect a total of 0.25% - 1% (of purchase price) annually for asset management fees that are charged on a monthly basis - only pay when you have a paying tenant.
  • We collect 8% - 10% of monthly rents for property management fees that are charged on a monthly basis - only pay when you have a paying tenant.

Do you have any guarantees?

Yes. For your first 12 months of ownership, SHARE guarantees you will receive up to 3 months of rental income. Plus, we will repair/replace qualifying items at no cost to you for the first 12 months.

How often are cash distributions?

Monthly cash distributions.

Can I sell or decide to self-manage the home at any time?

We have a 24-month lock-up period from the close date although this may vary by property. Should you choose to self-manage after the lock-up period then there will be an admin fee to transfer and terminate all management rights.

Do you offer financing options?

We work with you and support you through every step of the buying process. This can be anything and everything from getting financing as a Canadian, entity formation, asset valuation, foreign registration, diligence, lender requirements, and title requirements.


SHARE was created as a solution to facilitate seamless, stabilized, and de-risked investments in one of the world’s most resilient asset classes - U.S. single-family rental homes. They are the first platform to offer end-to-end services to Canadians who want to own in the U.S. completely remotely. From deal sourcing, and renovating, to annual tax support and more, SHARE provides institutional-grade asset management to independent investors.

Take The First Step Towards Financial Freedom

As a licensed real estate agent in the Province of Ontario, I am focused on promoting SHARE's services to enhance your real estate experience. Please note that I am not directly providing these services to you, and any engagement with SHARE's offerings will be managed directly with their dedicated professionals.

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